How edPlans Helps teachers…

Provides easy access to lesson plans for an entire course  edPlans allows teachers to import complete courses with units, for sale lesson plans and state-aligned objectives. The teacher can edit the lessons and save them for future use.
Creates an online planner  edPlans supplies a year-long teaching calendar complete with detailed daily lesson plans. With one click, a teacher can schedule lessons for an entire year or arrange the lessons to suit their personal calendar. At the end of the school year, teachers can copy this entire schedule into next year’s calendar.
Facilitates communication with other teachers  Teachers can post a Group Note inside a lesson plan containing tips for others who teach the same course. This an ideal way to share best practices because each post is focused on a single lesson.
Saves an enormous amount of planning time  By placing the best curriculum and instructional tools at teachers’ finger tips, edPlans eliminates the need for teachers to spend time tracking down lesson plans, objectives, standards and other resources.
Improves instruction  edPlans lets teachers focus on delivering more effective lessons while they adapt the curriculum to students’ needs.
Raises student achievement  By giving teachers the time and tools to become more effective, edPlans helps motivate students to perform to the best of their ability.